RF Code Environmental Monitoring

We provide wire-free solutions for environmental monitoring through RF Code sensors in data centres. It is critical to monitor complex environment conditions in real-time at a rack level, and wireless sensors are an integral part of avoiding SLA violations and ensuring availability.

The RF Code sensors ensure vital systems and running, by monitoring airflow and pressure, fluid leaks, and humidity. Real-time temperature readings help avoid huge energy costs caused by overheating or overcooling equipment and allow you to evaluate the efficiency with metrics such as the return temperature index and rack cooling index.

RF Code environmental monitoring will protect your assets and help avoid downtime.

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    Monitoring data centre environment conditions with RF Code

    Our applications allow you to monitor data centre environment conditions with RF Code sensors. We put automated asset tracking and environmental monitoring technology at the core of your data centre.

    The information feed from the RF Code sensors allows you to monitor power conditions, personnel and physical security, open door locations, and fluid leaks.

    Monitoring also aids you in maintaining your asset inventory, analysing trends to predict future problems, detecting and managing changes, and planning and managing your physical capacity. This results in increased efficiency and a reduction of costs through the rapid resolution of problems in your core data centre or enterprise.

    Monitoring edge environment conditions with RF Code

    Utilising RF Code hardware and software systems, allows you to enhance visibility and security, receive instant alerts, and leverage continuous monitoring capabilities for deploying unmanned and lights-out edge deployments anywhere in the world. 

    The RF Code edge solution allows you to track and audit your asset inventory. You can monitor humidity, temperature, and other environmental metrics on a rack-by-rack level. 

    Effective monitoring of edge environmental conditions with the RF Code edge solution will help prevent downtime and maximise uptime by quickly identifying growing threats, anywhere within your edge deployment. This solution will see you gain real-time insights that will ensure you stay compliant with regulations while reducing your operational costs. 

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