Racking Infrastructure Products

NGSS provides power distribution units, power monitoring products, and racks for new or existing server rooms and data centres. We offer solutions where lowering costs and improving uptime is at their core.

Our rack server solutions are easy to deploy, manage, and control remotely, across multiple locations. Our power monitoring products are designed for networking and edge applications, allowing you to make smarter decisions.

We supply server rack PDU’s and racking infrastructure from elite brands such as Tripp Lite, Legrand, and Minkels. We can provide every element you need to scale up your operations and conduct effective environmental monitoring.

What power monitoring products are available?

Power distribution products are available for single-phase and three-phase applications. NGSS will recommend the optimal solution, including basic, metered, switched, monitored, hot-swap, auto-transfer switch, and high-density outlets.

There are limitless possibilities of smart data centre PDU and monitoring products to help facilities and data centre managers to make quicker decisions with actionable insights and historical overviews of electrical capacity.

We recommend the best performing inline meters, branch circuit monitoring systems, and transfer switches to prevent downtime in cabinets. Data centre managers can enjoy excellent visibility and conduct operations such as checking for hot spots with real-time power data.

Optmising your infrastructure with racks

NextGen Solutions & Services can optimise your infrastructure with racks, frames, cabinets, and enclosures from Tripp Lite and Minkels. We reduce PDU selection complexity and supply a wide variety of rack mount horizontal and vertical PDUs.

We supply racks that expand the possibilities of scalability with modular designs and integrated rack platforms. Specialised interiors with adjustable mounting rails give full flexibility without breaking the airtightness of the rack. We also supply a range of server cabinets for blade servers, patch panels, switches, routers, and storage equipment.

The latest network cabinets are optimised for the increasing need for cabling. These cabinets have improved entry positioning and more cable guide space at the top of the cabinet.

There are many ways to incorporate power conditioning products and power monitoring products. Data centres and edge facilities can meet the challenges presented with reliable power conditioning products.

We are ready to work with you and offer an unbiased viewpoint to supply a service that fits within your budget and exceeds your expectations.


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