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Server rack and networking rack selection are vital for small to large data centres and smart buildings. We have a wide choice of rack systems to match the rack application, including passive rack, active rack, and data rack models.

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    The importance of efficient data centre racking

    The correct selection of data centre racks, networking cabinets, or rack power distribution for the job intent is vital for your business network infrastructure, The racks not only protect your server, storage and network infrastructure but can ensure it has the ability to operate to their optimum level.

    Failure to choose the appropriate IT rack, be that a wall mount, floor standing server rack, network rack or even a rack to house an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), will lead to problems such as airflow issues and cable management issues over time. Over or undersized racks and an incorrectly sized Power Distribution Unit (PDU) will ultimately lead to increased maintenance and downtime.

    Considerations also need to be given to ensure you do not limit your data facility’s future scalability and resiliency.

    Rack & Power Products

    Rack cooling and server rack PDU solutions

    NextGen Solutions and Services offer consultation and design assistance to ensure you pick the right option for your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), data centre rack power distribution units (PDU) and data racking. Whether you are housing a UPS for rack servers or other data facility equipment, we recommend the best solutions, including those manufactured by Legrand, Minkels, ServerTech, Raritan, and Tripp Lite.

    Our qualified engineers conduct the quality implementation of racks from industry-leading brands, ensuring the installation meets any warranty requirements. Installation is smooth with a limitless number of options and sizes, offering the perfect fit and performance.

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