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RF code asset management: how it works

RF Code’s real-time asset tracking solution provides continuous visibility into the entire asset lifecycle, from arrival, through deployment, and finally to disposal. Improves asset management processes, ensures inventory accuracy, eliminates over-provisioning, and delivers continuous savings by eliminating costly, time-consuming, inaccurate IT audit processes.

RF Code. Critical Asset Tracking & Protection
ROI - Return on Investment

Reduce costs & ensure efficiency

Critical asset tracking from RF Code provides continuous, real-time asset location data across the entire lifecycle of your valuable data centre assets, ensuring maximum operational efficiency and return on all data centre investments, from deployment to retirement

Assets are tagged on arrival

  • Small, easy-to-affix RF Code asset tags are placed on assets upon arrival
  • RF Code asset tags are designed to function for 5 or more years, ensuring they provide location visibility across the entire lifecycle of your data centre assets
RF Tags
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Continuous, real-time asset location visibility

With RF Code asset location is tracked continuously and in real-time, regardless of whether assets are in use, in storage, or somewhere in-between

Rack-level visibility - 24/7/365

  • RF Code rack locators allow tags to report their current location down to the individual rack
  • Combining active RFID and infrared technologies, RF Code’s critical asset tracking solution provides continuous visibility into the location of critical data centre assets in real-time
CAD drawing of a server rack with details
RF Code Reader

Dedicated readers

  • Active RFID readers receive the location data generated by RF Code asset tags
  • Provide continuous visibility into asset location
  • Can process data generated by thousands of asset tags, ensuring complete real-time asset inventory visibility

Eliminate costly, error prone processes

  • RF Code delivers continuous, automated, accurate asset visibility
  • Instant, accurate inventory reporting on-demand.
  • Eliminate over-provisioning, improve data centre staff efficiency, and ensure that every IT asset is deployed and delivering value for 100% of its lifecycle
monitor displaying 100%, all assets accounted for

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