Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is crucial where complex ecosystems exist, such as in data centres, edge data centres, or smart buildings. Environmental monitoring solutions are essential risk avoidance systems that protect your equipment and keep equipment running at its optimal performance level.

Environmental monitoring systems in your data facility oversee the environmental impact, risk mitigation, and energy usage. If the data centre environmental monitoring is ineffective, your business-critical assets may fail, operating expenditure cost (OPEX) goes up, and energy costs may rise due to over cooling.

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    Environmental monitoring solutions

    Our environmental monitoring solutions can assist a broad scope of job functions from data centre operations, to facilities management and IT operations. Bringing environmental & airflow management equipment together from Upsite, RF Code, Legrand, and Tripp Lite, we create a data centre environment monitoring system that meets the needs of evolving technology and the demands of higher density computing.

    The environmental monitoring data centre equipment we supply includes real-time platforms with continuous remote monitoring through wire-free rack sensors from RF Code, Tripplite, or Legrand. These sensors read the ambient temperature, humidity, and airflow, on a rack to rack level, evaluating efficiency and detecting problems to protect your critical assets.

    Environmental Management Solutions

    NextGen Solutions and Services (NGSS) wants you to get the best out of any server room environmental monitoring systems we supply. If you require additional monitoring to supplement your existing BMS or protect you in times of crisis, we can help. NGSS offers environmental monitoring solutions from single points products to global spanning solutions with a single pane of glass interface.

    Data centre monitoring tools

    Our environmental monitoring equipment and environmental management software give your data centre an early warning of critical issues so that corrective action can be taken. The server rooms environmental monitoring equipment detects fluids, air pressure, and power changes, and the open/closed status of rooms, aisles, and racks.

    Data centre temperature monitoring and humidity monitoring watch over rack intake/exhaust, supply/return at computer room air conditioning (CRAC) & air handling units (AHU) to provide an early alert to issue or problems occurring This granular temperature environmental monitoring system for data centre facilities also helps you tackle tighter margins on service level agreements (SLA’s) through invaluable operational insight.

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