Cabling Infrastructure

Data is a critical part of any business, and it is vital to have the correct cable management and infrastructure to suit the needs of your business. When data centre cabling is done to the correct industry standards, you benefit from enhanced security, higher transmission speeds, improved flexibility, and simplified scalability.

When data facilities use unstructured cabling, they will encounter future problems such as slower speeds, more downtime, and reduced reliability. These lead to unproductive employees, customer frustrations, and a loss of revenue.

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    Data centre cable management

    The benefits of correct network cabling systems are, equipment installations are faster and less complicated. Maintenance and troubleshooting take less time, and there is a reduced likelihood of malfunctions due to overheating and insufficient airflow.

    NextGen prides itself on delivering high-quality implementation with manufacturer’s warranties as part of our structured cabling delivery service alongside server rack power and cable management. We are an accredited installation partner for the industry’s leading brands.

    With our quality assurance process and qualified cabling engineers, you are assured of the best value for your investment.

    Cabling Products

    If you are looking for cabling services then visit our sister company NextGen Comms. With over 40 years experience in the installation and implementation of local area networks you can be assured that all your cabling management needs are met.

    What are the benefits of efficient network cabling?

    A correctly designed structured cabling system, understandably has a capital expense (CAPEX) when building the data facility’s white space. However, over the lifetime of the facility, correctly structured server cable management saves you operating expenditure cost (OPEX).

    We offer consultation and design on critical infrastructure systems to provide rack cable management solutions that will allow your facility to grow and change over time. Our data centre cabling solutions are created with the forethought of your data facility’s complete lifecycle.

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