Asset Management

Physical data centre asset management can be complicated, but NextGen provides tailor-made solutions tuned to your specific requirements. Our IT inventory management software will protect you from overprovisioning and operational risk, from factors such as lost equipment and dormant equipment that might not be in use but are using valuable power, space, and networking.

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    IT asset management solutions

    We take the time to understand your needs, so we can build IT asset management solutions that give excellent value for money in complex and dynamic environments. With real-time asset tracking, we empower data centre managers with live reporting on asset movement, with events and alerts.

    Our IT asset management system makes inventory management easy with real-time audits with a minimum of 99% accuracy.

    You will be able to decommission ineffective and outdated inventory processes, such as barcode scanning, spreadsheet technologies, and clipboards, which are all prone to causing high levels of inventory inaccuracies.

    Asset Management Products

    Processes you control

    The data centre asset management system we offer improves accuracy through life cycle asset management. You can quickly and efficiently control the IT asset management process, logging warranties and monitoring actions and location movements involved in equipment leasing, servicing, provisioning, decommissioning, and disposal while conforming to GDPR data protection regulations.

    NextGen Solutions and Services will ensure you receive the best solution for meeting the challenges of asset management in your data centre or smart building.

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