Asset Management Products

Asset management products create an asset tracking system that is vital in dynamic data centre environments where IT assets move around the facility on a regular basis. Our asset management solutions will help your data centre dramatically improve its asset tracking processes.

Our asset tracking system helps IT asset managers keep track of critical assets with up to 99% and above location accuracy. Whether assets are in storage, awaiting commissioning in the loading dock, or undergoing maintenance, our asset management solutions ensure your efficiency.

Our IT asset management solutions ensure you and your workforce avoid misplacing assets that are high-value or store sensitive data. They track the complete lifecycle of products as requirements change, from equipment deployment to de-provisioning.

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    What is real time asset management?

    Real-time asset management solutions perform the operation of tracking critical assets within data centres and edge locations, as they are moved or deployed in different areas. The asset tracking system must be instant and accurate to ensure every asset is accounted for and utilised to its maximum efficiency.

    Inventory reporting becomes effortless with real-time asset management and achieves a number of key objectives that are the responsibility of IT asset managers.

    Our solution will allow you to eliminate over-provisioning problems, improve staff efficiency, ensure operational efficiency, and provide an excellent return on data centre investments.

    How will asset management products benefit my business?

    Asset management solutions will be highly beneficial in your data centre or business. The asset tracking system will ensure you avoid inventory inaccuracies that are often experienced when IT asset managers use manual processes.

    If you are using self-built spreadsheets, clipboards, barcode scanners, or passive RFID technology, asset management solutions will make your job significantly more manageable and efficient.

    You will quickly and easily eliminate time-consuming, costly, and inaccurate IT audit processes. Our solutions will protect your business against loss of revenue, failure to comply with regulations, and the under utilisation of assets.

    How do real time asset tracking systems work?

    Your asset tracking system will provide continued visibility of assets through their entire lifecycle from entering operation to the final disposal. The asset management solutions are easily implemented with RF Code asset tags applied to assets on arrival. These RF Code asset tags will operate for five years or more.

    Combined with infrared and RFID reader technologies, our solution processes data from potentially thousands of asset tags, populating your asset inventory with real-time visibility.

    Assets are tracked regardless of whether they are in use, standing in storage, or mobile and moving around within the facility. RF Code rack locators give you accuracy down to the individual rack, giving you the precise location of every asset under your management.

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