Airflow Management

Data centre cooling and airflow management are critical in data facilities. Even the most straightforward changes to your airflow management can make a massive difference in energy costs and the efficiency of your business.

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    Data centre cooling

    NextGen supplies and installs data centre airflow management solutions that allow your data centre to reduce IT loads and optimise IT equipment temperatures to improve the operational performance of the data centre cooling systems.

    Our cold aisle containment & hot aisle containment systems ensure conditioned air is delivered directly to IT loads while preventing the mixing of cold inlet air and hot exhaust air. Our airflow products provide essential blanking and containment to reduce your cooling energy costs, reducing the risk of potential unexpected downtime and maximising your server cooling system.

    Airflow Management Products

    Data centre airflow management products

    We supply a variety of simple and complex data centre airflow management products for hot and cold aisles in data centres.

    Blanking panels: These filler panels, sometimes referred to as HotLok®, are effective rack airflow management products that control the airflow intake of server racks. The blanking panel optimises server cooling and reduces hotspots by sealing the openings in equipment cabinets, and by ensuring conditioned air and exhaust air remain separated.

    Raised floor grommets: These raised floor grommets, sometimes referred to as KoldLok®, create seals in raised-floor data centres. With effective sealing, bypass airflow is limited, and cooling inefficiencies are reduced to lower energy costs.

    Aisle containment Solutions: AisleLok® modular containment airflow management products ensure cold aisle containment and hot aisle containment. The modular units block airflow to ensure cold and warm air is always separated.

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